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Dark Fantasy Author R. J. Jojola
...when we come across a fantasy novel built on the foundation of real life tragedy, we have a rarity of delicious proportions. We not only have a beautiful novel forever in our library but we also are witness to something that will encourage us for years to come...

When the world of Lerim becomes evil's playground, nothing and no one, are ever what they seem...


Will the descendents of Mirilan escape the twisted web

 of lies & find truth?

Or will they let it drag them to hell?

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What Other's AreSaying About

On the Verge 

One of my favorite things I run into as a reader are the times when I come upon a story that lights me up with satisfaction. The surprises, I call them. The ones you don’t expect to find that strengthen your pursuit to open new books just so you can experience yet again a new world unfold in your very hands. I have the honor of introducing to you R.J. Jojola, author of a story that did just that for me… Most people tend to think that fiction stories are only that. Made up stories based on what the author imagined and how their creativity transformed that into words on the page. We have a great many stories based on that principle, but when we come across a fantasy novel built on the foundation of real life tragedy, we have a rarity of delicious proportions. We not only have a beautiful novel forever in our library but we also are witness to something that will encourage us for years to come. - Book Review/Author Interview


I wasn't thinking your book was going to take me by storm like that. I normally don't read books in that manner, but I just could not put your book down....

Melissa Yancey - MegaCon Attendee/Customer Message


This book is an amazing read. It had me gripping my seat. I did not get bored reading it and it read real fast. I finished it in 2 days. Highly recommended if you like the genre.

Bevin Manus - Amazon Customer Review


Brought an enormous, [REDACTED]-eating grin to my face on multiple occasions. Doubles as entertainment of the highest order and astute exploration of trauma and guilt. Highly recommended.

Jethro - Amazon Customer Review



ON THE VERGE, is a book that opens your mind to the beautiful and powerful world of Lerim. It allowed me to feel the trauma, happiness, and relief of each character - as if I was in the world with them. Although it is fiction, it allowed me to relate to the impacts experiences and traumas can have on an individual and how one must overcome them – even it if it takes more than one attempt. This book truly encourages people to not give up on finding hope and peace, whether in the world of Lerim or on Earth. Thank you, RJ Jojola, for reminding us all to find our Lyre and gain the courage to continue the search for hope and peace even in the darkest hour.

M - Amazon Customer Review


On the Verge is a great fantasy novel. R.J. did an excellent job of drawing the reader into her world. The story flowed evenly, and smoothly from chapter to chapter. The heroes and villains were very human in their fears wishes and anxieties and I found myself on the edge of my seat whenever something challenged them. I believed I was following the heroes through their harrowing adventure at all times and never felt I was overwhelmed by a large cast of characters. I'm anticipating the second novel because I believe she will continue to keep me in suspense.

M. O'Connell - Amazon Customer Review


Amazing novel, great characters. There are some very unexpected twists in the plot.

K. Tiller - Amazon Customer Review


I just bought this book from R.J. today (at a convention). ! I must say so far it is eloquently written and a gripping read. I'm happy I walked back to her booth today! :D I highly recommend that you read this book now. Fair warning, you will ignore everything just to read this.

Ronald - Amazon Customer Review


As an avid reader, I love to get caught up, and wanting more of the books I read, and this does it. The Author brings such vivid details that I felt as if I was watching a movie. Loved this book, cannot wait for the next. R. J. Jojola, your novel is excellent and I and now bummer that I finished it so quickly. I reccommend this to anyone who enjoys a great fantasy.

Dawn Morris - Amazon Review


I just loved this book. A great story that is well told and a hard book to put down. A must read.

Marc Carpenter - Amazon Review


Great book definitely kept my attention. Would love to read more by this author.

Kimberly Danjou - Amazon Customer Review


An epic fantasy novel  full of adventure, wonder, danger, love and mystery with a dark twist that kept  me on the edge of my seat. When it ended, I craved more.

Rachel Ayoub - Beta Reader


It (the story) made me want to meet the characters and help them; to just see this amazing world she (RJ) created, in real life. The last book (series) to do that for me was from Tolkien himself... 

Woodrow Culpepper - Beta Reader


An epic adventure that feels both fresh and familiar. It will keep you wanting more!

Dan Trawick - Beta Reader


My favorite line from the novel: Raelle used her frail and shaky hands to place Chrishtan's hand on her heart. "You have found him Chrishtan. Your search is over. He is right here and this is where he will live forever. I promise." -- Made me cry. I felt invested with the characters early on. Love it.

Kristina Foutz - Beta Reader


"Music has always been a huge influence in my life. This song, Heavy in Your Arms, by Florence and the Machine is one of many songs that inspired me while writing, On The Verge.  It really embodies the theme of the story."

- RJ Jojola


Florence and the Machine and this song are in no way affiliated with R. J. Jojola or her novel, "On the Verge."

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