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Once  you  lose  


Everyone & Everything 


 the Only  Thing  


Left to Lose 




Your Humanity




When the world of Lerim becomes evil's playground, nothing and no one, are what they seem...

Raelle Jowellia & her siblings were never allowed to travel outside their secluded valley. Having never come into contact with anyone outside their immediate family, the gruesome murder of Raelle's younger brother torments her with a relentless need for answers. But answers reveal much more than she bargains for when the magical practices, daunting creatures, & foreboding demons of her father's bedtime tales turn out to be anything but fiction. As a dark force closes in, the shock of Raelle's family secret renders her completely alone. With only bits & pieces of the puzzle, she leaves on a mission to find truth & liberation. Lost in a world teaming with menacing  & malevolent danger, Raelle learns that she  is  being  hunted and is forced to rely on the help of a meddlesome stranger, Chrishtan Vilgare.

Together, will Raelle & Chrishtan be able to outrun their sordid pasts?

Or will they let it devour their very souls?


When Deception & Murder, Imprisonment & Suffering  Reign   Over   Truth  &   Light,

Trust Becomes a Wavering Notion...

Following the tragic death of one of Mirilan's most beloved heirs, a long lost   companion returns Ellios to expose a dark & vicious truth.  Now  aware that  Lochran is no longer  their only  enemy, the remaining heirs must find  a way  to defeat  the  foul  demons  that have entered  their living world.  With each & every day that passes, the power of the light grows dim & evil more potent. Allies are difficult to come by & faith even more rare. Ensnared in a dark world of trickery & chaos, some are left with a far more  sinister truth, that one must embrace evil  in  order to defeat it. In the end, it is up to each heir to decide which path they will choose. With life on Lerim hanging in the balance, one wrong decision could result in the destruction of all life & light for all time.


Will the descendants of Mirilan escape the twisted web of lies & find truth?

Or will they let it drag them to hell?

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Coming 2018

We All Search for it. yearn for it. Crave it.  Desire it. EvenChange for it. 

Yet We have all been  Mamed and scarred

by  that thing we  call


A Collection of Poetry & Illustrations

Tales of the  DARK"Truth"

behind LOVE 

by R. J. Jojola

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