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Dark Fantasy Author R. J. Jojola

You and Me in the Story


Who to be, who to be

Torn apart

by all I see

Attempts at Funny

and witty

In vain for dreams

of being pretty

Try so hard for

unattainable perfection

Judgment thrives

and spreads the infection

No good, no good

How we never could

Be just like them

Despite efforts we spend



Who to be who to be

Well, I know I can’t be me

I’m not like them

I seem foreign

Too many things

That growing up brings

I’m not prepared

My ego scared

In need of a light

To blind the fright



Who to be, who to be

Could you be the one

to save me

Your stories are diverse

Help me see things

in reverse

You give me hope

And ways to cope

A character of the past

Your influence will last

I can be you

and I can be me

Inside your stories

my reflection I see



Who to be, who to be

You must see, you must see

How your story

nurtures my voice

And shows me that I have

a choice



Your struggle and strength

Help at infinite length

I can be me

And others can see

Because through your story

I am free

To do more than flee


for Justice

Instead, for Me


If I am going to survive this life,

I must conform or be made to suffer.

Even if it means a life of her strife.

Lesser of two evils, is still evil.

Loud, quiet, funny, shy, which to choose.

Sad, I must choose, seeming so medieval.

Tomboy, girly, sexy, man hater, loose.

Which piece of the puzzle will I form to?

My desire to appease and fit,

Cuts and shapes me, severing parts of who,

I was before this now life changing skit.

Will the far future find me again true?

Now so young, and so lost in all of it.

It hurts me to change and lose part of me.

Maybe soon, the world will change instead, for me


These first poems are a few of the poems I wrote for a social justice project in my master's program. My focus was on social justice for young and adolescent girls, as well as the struggles of women portrayed in literary works such as, Sanda Cisneros', House on Mango Street.

Wish Upon a Star


Wish, oh wish upon that star.

It will get you oh so far.

Wish for love, romance and fairytales.

Beg for it, search for it, say those prayers.

Once you have found what you desire,

Settle, settle, for the fantasies of old.

Without them, you’ll get lost in the fire.

Burned  alive in the realities of the cold,

Indifferences of the world.


Passion, passion, have you gone?

Where ,oh where, did I go wrong?

The tales, the stories, fading away.

Fighting, hiding, is this the dream?

The stories we chase to bring us smiles

In a world of darkness that does not gleam.

No one warned of these long hard miles,

Of struggle and oppression and mediocrity.

Life, please don’t spoil me with your pity


Duped, fooled, thwarted,

At times it seems so sordid.

How could I have been so naïve?

A fist, an insult, captivity.

Sucking you into a world of aspiration.

Maybe its not my fault, the acts of society.

Hiding the truths of desperation.

Well here it is, the truth of this misery.

Will you accept or plead insanity?


The Good Fight

Fight, please fight

To be heard

Give em’ all you’ve got

It can start with a word


Fight, please fight

To be true

Show ‘em who you are

The true, genuine you


Fight, please fight

I won’t be easy

Tell ‘em how you feel

Stop trying to be pleasy


Fight, please fight

For the younger gen

Model ‘em strength

No looking back then


Fight, please fight

For me and you

Bring ‘em your gifts

We won’t forget who

Fought the good





Her Haiku

Pretty, Pink, Petite

Never let 'em Play

We play the Boy Way

Poems for Healing

Poetry for poetry's sake. Poetry from my heart.

Beyond Imagination



There is a place
neither here, nor there
where reality quiets
and dreams awaken

Beyond what is tangible
and Sensible

Often forsaken by
and Submission

Fear not
All is not lost
Only hiding within
the Calm
Beauty of your mind

Find the door
Turn the key
And in the beyond
you will see






Vast is the almighty universe
Endless time
Our souls live on
Through the eternal beauty of
endless space and time that is our home
The almighty universe
breathes into our lives
for only a moment
Until it takes our breath away
Our lives being singular
An insignificant moment
Within its grand scheme
Souls eternally bound
Souls eternally live
Born again
Welcomed back from her beauty
To the time which we know
We live on
From here and beyond
Born again
Past, present, and future to
Be again
Love again
Live again
We are vast


On The Lake



On the lake
On the cusp of a night
adorned with the sounds of
elated splashes
coated in laughter
and frivolity.
Even after the sun has sunk
behind a purple horizon
Fish continue to swim
children continue to play
as a father  teaches them
to find joy in the simple
serene qualities
of our teeny tiny corner of the galaxy.
And in the quiet calm on the cusp of the morning
when all the rest of the world has faded away
his children’s amorous eyes catch a glimpse
of the infinity
that is time
and space
of the beauty
and effortlessness
of life.





Lost, broken and afraid

Desperations of mental aid

Running away in circles of destruction

Drowning my sorrows of painful seduction

Begging for answers, ravaging body, mind, and soul

Looking for a light in my abysmal, black, hole

My fingernails discarded replaced with blood

Struggling to climb out, but never could

It was not long after my hopeless surrender

That you dropped me your rope, strong yet tender

My trust irresolute, your smile reassuring

You pulled me out, your discourse alluring

Taming the beast, you rescued my heart

Over time building me up at each part

Though the weather up here can be stormy

You always find the sun for me

You have personified trust

Helped me to overcome fears of lust

The road is still long and tough

I pray that you have not seen enough

What I mean to say to you is

You have made me whole,

T i m e l e s s



See    that,    which   goes   unseen

Hear    that,    which   goes   unheard

Say   that,    which    goes   unsaid


Do,   what   often   goes   undone

Transcend    acceptance

To    become

T   i   m   e   l   e   s   s


Finding Beauty

Here I am


where you left me


still moving




in my

weakest moments


amongst my gravest




 In the


corners of

my closet


within the



of it all

It is here

Where I


and find the




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